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I offer Provence bound travellers private chauffeured excursions and a "change of pace" tour alternative, designed to suit every walk of life. My deep passion for my own region and my never-ending enthusiasm combine to insure that you will see and taste the best Provence has to offer with an emphasis on Cultural Tourism, Entertainment, & Gastronomy.

10 years of combined experience in the guest service and hospitality industries helped me understand the importance of a service that is dedicated to creating a reliable, personal, and positive travel experience. All my excursions are "à la carte" and can be tailored to your wishes, thanks to a various choice of destinations, themes and activities..

Along with my personal language skills and my natural curiosity and enjoyment of diverse cultures and people, you can be assured of a journey you will want to share and perhaps repeat.

Representing the "heart" of my region to the world is my pleasure.

See you soon in Avignon

Whole-heartedly Yours,


Your english-speaking tour guide and native from Provence.

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